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Welcome to the University of Minnesota Women's Club!

We are now more than 100 years old, and over that century much has changed. We began as a group for faculty wives, and have expanded to include women throughout the community. We are women leaders who help to shape the future of our community. Whether you are a long-time member or are considering joining, I think you will agree that members, while increasingly diverse, have several attributes in common:

I look forward to seeing you during another wonderful year of UMWC! –
And that's important because, in case you haven't noticed, at every level of our Twin Cities campus – graduate, professional, undergraduate - there are now more women students than men and women students increasingly need our support.

Karen Kaler, *Honorary President

*Article VII of our bylaws decrees: The wife of the president of the University of Minnesota shall be the Honorary President of the UMWC.

How to Join

Anyone who is interested in the University is eligible to join the UMWC. Annual membership dues are $25. For more information click on How to Join or download our Membership form.


Check the new schedule of upcoming UMWCGeneral Club Programs. Our club also offers Interest Sections in which members can share in diverse activities as varied as art, hiking, literature, and women's health.

This year the UMWC provided Scholarships for 45 undergraduate women students.


The UMWC offers our own cookbook, Sharing Our Favorites, containing 349 delicious recipes for $15. Click on the cookbook to find one of them. Proceeds go to scholarships for undergraduate women students at the University of Minnesota and can be purchased from Cherie Hamilton.

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Quick Updates

We’ve just received our 6th One-year Named Scholarship! Check the Scholarship page for information about the new $3,000 One-year Named Scholarship. Contact Marian Champlin, our Vice President for Fundraising. Contribution must be received by June 30 for a next Fall scholarship.

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